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Weight Reduction Program

An effective program that is easy to follow and ongoing Coaching Support provided by your trainers! We are a realistic and practical approach to health and weight control because we teach our clients to make adjustments they can live with now, and tomorrow. We encourage eating real food and each individual's progress is monitored monthlyAmeriShape! will get them through the door and signed up for you.

Each month these new clients and future clients will look to your business as a source for healthy weight loss. This results in ongoing product and program sales, thus additional revenue for you.

AmeriShape! has developed a membership building promotion that can successfully generate new revenue within your business, but perhaps even more importantly, it can set your club on course for long term success as you open your doors wide to the weight loss market.

Features and advantages offered to our client clubs include:
* High Profit Margins
* A Proven Marketing Plan
* Advertising Support
* Additional Revenue Streams
* Full training and support for each campaign
* Professional Image
* Operational simplicity for quick and easy integration

Americans spend more than $40 billion per year on weight control products. Most people fail to lose weight because programs offered today are unrealistic, too expensive and too complicated to maintain. 66 Percent of Americans over the age of 18 are considered overweight. This trend is continuing each year because Conventional Dieting methods just don't work!

AmeriShape! with the help of your facility can make the difference for the millions of people struggling with their weight problem. Like so many revolutionary ideas, the AmeriShape! marketing concept and systems are very simple.

We offer our clients only the best quality supplements, educate them on the proper use and then address their ongoing fitness needs through the use of a professional and courteous staff. Although we advertise our services, our growth is dependent on our client clubs and their members telling others about their success with AmeriShape! whether it be weight loss, exercise or general nutrition.

We have a saying at AmeriShape! "Our mission is to provide our clients with a program that results in permanent weight loss and a lifestyle of good health." From the moment a client begins the program, they will recognize the sensibilities in our approach.

We are confident that our "NO DIET" system will be a welcomed change to the radical diet plans they have tried in the past. Club coaches are committed to providing participants with unequaled patience and attention when it comes to answering their fitness and nutrition questions.

Just don't be surprised at its simplicity! In the beginning, there are only four things to remember: Eat adequate protein, limit starches, drink plenty of water, be careful with your fats and take your AmeriShape! supplements if so desired. Oh Yeah, one more thing-EAT OFTEN to keep the fat burning furnace stoked.

You can contact us through Direct E-Mail or you can also call us on the phone at: 888-541-0714.

" AmeriShape has produced over two hundred new members for our facility and we've had them back twice."

- Stace B., Gold's Gym,Rainbow City, AL