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Marketing Campaigns

The "Original Weight Loss Membership Drive" that started it all. This program has helped enroll thousands of new members across the country and abroad. Attract the Weight Loss Target Consumer with pin point precision with this well planned membership drive. Each new member will receive ....Nutrition Workbook, Grocery List, and 15 Day Take Off Phase. This is a great program to start with.

With the G. Y. B. B. 36 Week Challenge your club will hit the hot button of most pre and post Baby Boomers looking for a challenging exercise and nutrition plan to get into their "Before Shape" This one is really fun for all involved. Both staff and new members.

This marketing package pulls out all the stops and is designed to establish your initial member base. With our Sneak Preview and Grand Opening Celebration, your new facility is assured to make a strong impact in your community.

With the lottery craze sweeping the nation. This specially worded promotional membership drive really gets a higher than normal response and the phone ringing.

Our multiple membership building promotions
will enable you to enroll new members, raise awareness of your facility, and increase walk-ins through the door. We provide you full on site assistance every step of the way. Ameri Shape provides campaign planning with expertise and ease plus, with over 12 years in the membership building business we have streamlined our sales systems to work in even the toughest markets.

You can be confident that our marketing campaign planning is comprehensive, including: demographic analysis, details, and target market strategies -- all combined to develop a marketing program that will catch the eye of the weight loss and fitness consumer! We will assess your market, your facility type, and your competitors. This is our practical and realistic approach in order to conduct the best enrollment campaign possible.

The value of any of the many Ameri Shape marketing plans will be realized when its successful implementation produces 50-100 new members in just a few short weeks. Ameri Shape is an award-winning full service weight loss promotion specializing in high impact, targeted results for the fitness industry.

MARKETING KIT - Direct mail pieces for less than 30 cents a piece. more


1) New Profits-Cash Flow

2) Money for new equipment

3) Get the edge on competition

4) Hundred of new referrals

5) Professional weight loss program that really works

6) New enrollments from hard to reach members

7) Increased training and expertise gained from your experience

8) Enroll 85% to 90% of all prospects generated from our mailings

9) Increase exposure in your market